Did Israel Refuse to Vaccinate Palestinians?

Israel’s focus on vaccination did indeed include Palestinians. Not only that, at multiple occasions Israel offered to assist the Palestinian Authority with hospital equipment, access to vaccines, and more. Israel offered Pfizer vaccines, although the Palestinian Authority chose to purchase the Sputnik vaccine from Russia. But at no point did Israel refuse to vaccinate the Palestinians. Israel is also under no legal obligation to do so, as healthcare concerns are under the authority of the Palestinian government according to the Oslo Accords.

Infographic: The Truth About Israel's COVID Vaccine Exchange

Infographic: The Truth About Israel's COVID Vaccine Exchange (Hebrew)


Haaretz Corrects: Israel Didn’t Refuse Request To Supply Vaccines for Palestinian Health Workers

CAMERA’s Israel office yesterday prompted correction of a Haaretz Op-Ed by Shannon Maree Torrens which falsely claimed that Israel refused a request from the World Health Organization to provide vaccines for Palestinian health workers. The Jan. 11 Op-Ed, “COVID vaccines: The latest example of Israel’s most lethal disregard for Palestinian lives,” appeared in the English’s print edition as well as

The Washington Post Puts Anti-Israel Narrative Before COVID-19 Vaccine Facts

The Washington Post’s self-declared principles, the newspaper told readers in a Jan. 1, 2016 article, “are displayed in brass linotype letters in an entrance to the newsroom.” It stands to reason, therefore, that the Post’s WorldViews columnist, Ishaan Tharoor, has seen them. But judging by his Jan. 12, 2021 article, “Israel’s vaccine success can’t hide a deeper divide,” one has

The BBC Sets The Record Straight on Vaccination in the Palestinian Territories