Did Israel Forcible Sterilize Ethiopian Women Upon Arrival?

There was no forced sterilization of Ethiopian women. There was no sterilization, period. The smear itself originated from a news article in a 2012 Ha’aretz report, which falsely alleged that Israeli authorities forced Ethiopian women to receive shots of Depo-Provera, a contraceptive which lasts three months, in order to immigrate to Israel. An Israeli committee investigated the incident. The investigation ran from 2013 until the beginning of 2016, and exonerated Israel:

“No evidence could be found for the claims raised that shots to prevent pregnancy were administered to Ethiopian women under pressure or threat, overt or covert, or in any way that was improper” -State Comptroller Joseph Shapira, Haaretz. January 2016.


Haaretz Corrects: Israel Didn’t Refuse Request To Supply Vaccines for Palestinian Health Workers

CAMERA’s Israel office yesterday prompted correction of a Haaretz Op-Ed by Shannon Maree Torrens which falsely claimed that Israel refused a request from the World Health Organization to provide vaccines for Palestinian health workers. The Jan. 11 Op-Ed, “COVID vaccines: The latest example of Israel’s most lethal disregard for Palestinian lives,” appeared in the English’s print edition as well as

Did Israel Forcibly Sterilize Ethiopian Women Upon Arrival? Infographic