Does Israel Steal Palestinian Water?

More often than not, Israel gets accused of stealing Palestinian “aquifers” or actively limiting Palestinian access to clean water. This is, of course, not true. Historically, Israel used water from the Sea of Galilee and relied on various different aquifers in the country. Even in the 1950’s, when Israel was a young state, the overwhelming majority of their water came from the Northeastern and Western aquifers. They also piped roughly 40 million cubic meters of water for Palestinian use in the West Bank. And thanks to the development of water recycling technology, Israel is able to recycle over 80% of its water to use in agriculture. Palestinians and even Jordan receive annually roughly 55 million cubic meters of Water. Israel also shares its water with its neighbors. 

Backgrounder: Does Israel Use “Palestinian” Water?

In recent years press accounts have charged Israel with unfairly and illegally draining water from “Palestinian aquifers,” enabling Israelis to enjoy green lawns, clean cars and full swimming pools, while leaving Palestinians with barely enough to drink. Thus, the New York Times reported last year that: In the West Bank, water allocation is a zero-sum game, and Palestinians consider local

Israel Recycles Water, Amira Hass Recycles False Water Charges

Amira Hass must really like false Palestinian charges that Israel is stealing their water, since she keeps on repeating those false Palestinian charges, requiring us to repeat the refutation. Whereas previously Hass charged that profligate Israelis “use three times more water a day in their households as West Bank Palestinians do,” in her latest effort she charges that: She also

National Geographic and Water

National Geographic magazine has an unfortunate habit of regularly publishing inaccurate and intemperate articles about Israel, which have falsely blamed Israel for expelling Palestinians, for being responsible for declines in the Arab Christian population (which has actually increased in Israel), for discriminating against Israeli Arabs, and for oppressing Bethlehem. To this list of false accusations the magazine has now added

Infographic: Israel and Water

Infographic: Israel and Water (Hebrew)