Does the IHRA Suppress Palestinian Voices?

Although many claim that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Antisemitism silences Palestinian voices, this is not the case. The definition is a guideline which has been adopted by many nations and universities around the world, to understand and address the rising rates of antisemitism. Anti-Israel detractors claim that the IHRA silences them because it defines certain elements of their rhetoric as antisemitism. However, the utilization of antisemitic tropes and demonization and delegitimization of antisemitic tropes, substituting Zionists in those tropes instead of Jews, does fall under the IHRA definition of antisemitism. 


Clearly, antisemites and anti-Zionist activists just want a free license to spread antisemitic rhetoric under the guise of legitimate criticism of Israel. 

Infographic: The IHRA Definition of Antisemitism - What You Need to Know

Infographic: The IHRA Definition of Antisemitism - What You Need to Know (Hebrew)

Guardian letter lies about IHRA Antisemitism definition

The Guardian continued its assault on the legitimacy of the International Holocaust Rememberance Association’s Working Definition of Antisemitism today by publishing a letter full of distortions about the definition. The IHRA definition, we should note, has been adopted or endorsed by 30 (democratic) countries, the EU Council, EU Parliament, EU Commission, EU Council, the UN Secretary General, the UN Special

Guardian letter by Palestinian Artists

The Guardian published an op-ed length letter by dozens of Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists and intellectuals (including PLO official Hanan Ashrawi and Guardian contributors Raja Shehadeh and Rashid Khalidi) taking aim at the IHRA working definition of antisemitism. The letter (“Palestinian rights and the IHRA definition of antisemitism”, Nov. 29) begins with a variation of the Livingstone Formulation, by

Is Anti-Zionism Antisemitism? Infographics