Are There Jewish-Only Roads?

As CAMERA’s Tamar Sternthal has noted,“While limited sections of West Bank roads are barred to Palestinian traffic, they are open to all Israelis, Jewish, Christian and Muslim alike.” She has also pointed out that “Not only are Israeli Arabs and other Israeli non-Jews permitted to ride Israeli buses in the West Bank, but Palestinians may also ride Israeli West Bank buses (although only those with permits may enter Israeli settlements or Jerusalem).” The few restrictions that exist are in place because of security concerns.

NPR Fabricates News Hook To Revive Apartheid Canard

With Israeli plans to apply sovereignty in parts of the West Bank in deep freeze since September, National Public Radio’s Dec. 8 broadcast relies on a flimsy pretext to level the baseless apartheid smear at the Jewish state, falsely claiming that the plan prompted an Israeli “debate” about whether West Bank Palestinians live under apartheid (“Do Palestinians in Israel-Occupied West

BDS Activist Peddles Fabrications in California Newspaper

Sandra O’Neill, a California activist in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign (BDS) who manufactures grotesque falsehoods about Israel, has managed to peddle her fabrications, including the shooting deaths of small Palestinian children, to a Chico, Calif., newspaper. In the last month, Chico News and Review, which describes itself as “your independent alternative news & entertainment resource,” published a letter-to-the editor.

"Jewish-Only Buses" and "Jewish-Only Roads" Infographics