Did Israel murder a journalist?

The death of Shireen Abu Ackleh, a Palestinian American journalist working for Al Jazeera, was tragic. She was shot and killed in the middle of a gun battle between Israeli forces and Palestinian gunmen. The narrative that followed, promoted in Al Jazeera, anti-Israel media, among them the New York Times and others, claimed that The IDF purposefully targeted the journalist. Given the state of the bullet, it is difficult to assertain with certainty where the bullet came form. However, further Israeli investigation determined the bullet likely came from and IDF soldier. Although a soldier was responsible, there was no purposeful targeting of journalists. 


Reporting on violence in any region carries risks that journalists undertake every day. In 2022, roughly 67 journalists were killed in the line of duty around the world. Abu Ackleh’s death is a tragedy but she was killed amid violenc not purposefully targeted by the Israel’s armed forces.